Unique guides
Ms. Tas has taught in different countries across all cultures, instilling in her a hands-on knowledge of the world that she is more than happy to impart on her students. Montessori schools will typically have two guides per 30 children, however Ms. Tas believes in bringing in a variety of guides, each offering a unique perspective to the subjects of math, science, language, history, geography and practical life. Her eight guides are trained by her, and regularly attend workshops designed to improve their teaching styles. They value the human mind as understood by the child, and continue to harness the incredible learning power found within children.

Open Environment
She has created an open environment in her school rather than a traditional small classroom divided by grade levels and age-groups. The reason for the open space comes down to the fact that, without age or grade divisions, the children are encouraged to develop their social skills by interacting with different age groups.
They are more apt to peer learning, which increases their chances of developing a bright future socially, as well as encourage them to take on responsibility toward their younger peers. Additionally the open environment is more peaceful. Without the sense of confinement that may accompany a small enclosed classroom, an open class puts the children more at ease, creating a bright and easily accessible learning environment. The school is one big space divided only by small wooden shelves designed to off-set the different subjects. The Advanced Kindergarten through Pre-K classroom is set off from the school proper, however wide open doorways still allow for easy access between classrooms.

Exploration of new learning opportunities
While Tas Montessori School follows the Montessori method of teaching, Ms. Tas is always seeking new opportunities for learning. Often times guest professionals are called upon to teach about their field of work such as medical professionals, law enforcement officials, music aficionados, and members of different cultural organizations just to name a few.
During the summer program, Ms. Tas takes the children on field trips to different parts of the city. In the past, the children have visited news and media stations, farms, libraries, museums and the airport, among other areas offering educational opportunities. Field trips allow the children to observe a concrete, hands-on take on what they are learning, as well as encourage them to have some fun. Children are children, and in addition to learning facts and figures, they must also be allowed to have a good time while doing so. Ms. Tas encourages the use of hands-on experiments and art projects that enhance the learning experience. Ms. Tas does not charge extra for materials, rather she provides all materials and rarely will ask parents to provide supplies.

An education at Tas Montessori School means that a child will develop socially and intellectually in all areas of life. Parents of past students have had nothing but positive feedback often wanting to come and visit after the child has moved on to a mainstream school. At Tas Montessori School, we believe that the child’s needs and development come first. We strive every day to find new and exciting ways to encourage learning and positive peer interaction in everything that we do!