Tasleem Mirza – Owner/Director

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Tasleem Mirza – Owner/Director
Tasleem Mirza is a certified Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)Montessori Directress since 1980 with almost 30 years of Montessori teaching experience and is the owner/head guide of Tas Montessori School. Before opening Tas Montessori School in Lubbock, TX she taught in the British Embassy School in Moscow-Russia, as well as teaching for five years in Chicago Illinois. She has three children who have all had Montessori education. Since opening up her school Mirza has overseen the education of over 400 children who, due to the unique Montessori Method, have mastered such concepts as reading; advanced concepts in science and math such as an understanding of our solar system and division as well as multiplication; geography; and areas of practical life, all before the age of 6 years-old. Mirza has had reports of her graduated students having an advanced body of knowledge that surpasses the curriculum of the traditional school that they have moved on to. In addition, the children who have graduated from Tas Montessori School have a remarkable sense of independence and are unafraid to accept the challenges of daily life. Every child who has successfully graduated the Montessori Program at Tas Montessori is a blessing to Mirza. Hearing of their successes allows her to continue educating to the best of her ability, but more so to the best of a child’s ability.

Not only does she hold The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) diploma but also a degree in Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Business Administration, along with various refresher courses such as:

-Project and material making


-Art Techniques and display material

-Theory Into Practice -Engaging The Human Personality

"I believe strongly in the importance of fostering a love of learning in children. I strive to offer a safe and comfortable educational environment where children have an opportunity to explore, grow, and develop at their own pace following the true Montessori philosophy." - Tasleem Mirza

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