Circle Time

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Circle Time
Due to the independent learning method of Montessori, the children are not placed in a uniform classroom where they are learning the same basic concepts they need to advance onto different levels of learning. The guide works with the children individually during work time, however Circle Time allows for the entire class to come together in one area to go over basic concepts and lessons that would take some time to address on an individual basis.


The concepts that are emphasized during this time are the basics:

  • Daily Greetings

  • Manners

  • Calendar including days of the week and months of the year

  • Numbers

  • Seasons

  • Shapes and Colors

  • Continents

  • Phonics

  • Basic anatomy and life cycles

  • Various Montessori presentations

These concepts are repeated and expanded upon as needed.

Circle Time is divided into two groups: Primary (Toddlers/Pre-K/Kindergarten) and Advanced Kindergarten through Third Grade.

The Primary Circle Time will typically cover the basics mentioned above with an emphasis on repetition and concrete, interactive learning.

The Advanced Circle Time will cover the basics as well as introduce advanced concepts having to do with reading, writing, geography, history, math and science. For example, the advanced class will learn the different parts of speech to aid in writing. They will learn how to tell time and count money. They will learn about the universe and the earth itself.  The advanced group may expand upon lessons using experiments and concrete learning tools.

There are certain times where both Circle Times will be combined. These times include instances where we invite guest presenters to come and present a lesson on various different concepts. For example, we frequently invite members of the Texas Tech International Cultural Center to come and speak about different parts of the world. We will also ask members of various professions such as medical professionals and law enforcement officials to speak about their jobs.

All in all Circle Time allows for concrete, uniform presentations on basic concepts, and is considered one of the most important parts of our school day.


Children at TMS learn about the human body by our guest speakers from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.


Trained firefighters teach young children at TMS basic fire - and -life safety skills.

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