Primary (3 Years – 6 Years)

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Primary (3 Years – 6 Years)
Practical Life:

According to Maria Montessori, a child’s inner need is, “Help me do it myself.” The purpose of practical life is to provide children with activities to help them gain coordination and concentration, They will gain respect for their their environment as well as love and respect for others, responsibility and other characteristics that will serve them well throughout their lives. Exercises such as the dressing frames will help children learn how to practice zipping, buttoning, tying, buckling, etc. which will also assist them with the development of their fine motor skills. Other exercises such as cleaning, pouring, dusting, wiping tables and helping children learn the importance of taking care of their environment and taking pride in being responsible individuals.

Sensorial Life:

The purpose of sensorial life for children is to awaken their curiosity and experience in all of their five senses through hands-on-materials. At Tas Montessori School we believe that the years from 3-6 are the most crucial in laying a good foundation that will serve them well throughout their life. Through materials like the "Pink Tower," children will learn to develop visual discrimination of size and 3 dimensions. Rough and smooth board sets helps the children differentiate textures. Children explore the ‘Binominal Cube’ as a visual discrimination of color and form. Our goal at Tas Montessori School is to help the child refine all their sensory experiences through various Montessori lessons.


The purpose of language in the primary years is to guide the child to communicate and learn to express themselves verbally and through written word. Materials such as sand paper letters help the child recognize the shape of the letters which later assistss the child for writing. Metal insets strengthen the child’s 3-finger grip and wrist movement preparing the child for handwriting. Children at Tas Montessori School will be offered exercises to expand their vocabulary, they will be introduced to phonetic sounds, followed by exercises to progress reading and grammar such as working with movable alphabets, blending words, sight reading and different reading exercises. The basic parts of the speech will also be introduced.



The purpose of math is to introduce the child to reasoning, understanding of symbols and quantity, problem solving skills and logic. Materials such as the sand paper numbers are an effective way of absorbing the mental image of the number by the process of tracing. Spindle boxes are used to introduces the concept of “zero” as having no quantity. ‘Number Rods,’ introduces the child to quantity 1-10 helping them develop concepts in the sequence of numbers. Students will work with the addition and substraction strip board in order to understand the basic concepts of putting numbers together as well as taking them away. Students will work side by side with Hundred Board, Multiplication Board, Teen and Ten Board as well. They will also be introduced to place values in the very basic format in order to prepare them for two and three digit work in the future.



The purpose of geography is to introduce the child to his/her world and their surroundings. Our goal at Tas Montessori School is to create a love of different people, cultures and places. Children becoming aware of the oneness of mankind. Children learn about physical geography focusing on land and water formations. Children are also introduced to global maps, continents and countries and states. Children come to the realization that we all may come from different backgrounds, but are all part of something bigger.



Science and Nature:

The purpose of science and nature at Tas Montessori School is to provide children with knowledge of various aspects of science, earth and nature. Through various activities children learn about botany, study of animals, earth, space and physical science.




Children will be introdcued to basic Spainsh language such as: days of the week, months of the year, colors, name of animals, name of food and etc.



  1. Greetings, I really don’t know where to start but I’m looking for help desperately. My son Ayden is 4 years old and is attending lisd pre-k. He is getting into trouble at school. Not just a little. We are seeing a behavioral specialist while working with his pediatrician to get a handle on the situation. I love my son so much and want the best for him and that is why I’m contacting your school. I believe that my son would benefit from a more personal type schooling, maybe with less children per teacher ratio, as well as a loving approach. I am a single mom and I’m not even sure I could afford to send my son to your school but I have to try something! Please contact me any time, Ms. Gabriel, at 806-300-1414 or email me please.

  2. Very interested in your school – my own children were montessori students and now my daughter wants to have her children experience the montessori method as well.

    I just called and left my number – Kathy Branum 214-349-2199

    I will be in Lubbock next week and would like to visit your school.

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